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Arcteryx Gothic Glove

  • Arcteryx Gothic Glove
    Arcteryx Gothic Glove
    Gloves and Mittens
    The Gothic Glove is one of the most versatile offered by Arcteryx this season designed as a single layer for warm days or a base layer for colder ones. It is also suitable for both sexes.The Gothic glove is made of lightweight good old fashioned merino wool which it turns out is the perfect base layer fabric. It is not itchy. It wicks moisture naturally. And it has a natural ability to repel odor.The usefulness of the Gothic glove cannot be underestimated. Wear them under an insulating glove on extra cold winter days. Wear them on winter camping trips for keeping fingers warm inside your sleeping bag. Wear them on cool fall days for running and working out. The list goes on and on.
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