Trango 6 Alpine Equalizer

  • Trango 6 Alpine Equalizer
    Trango 6 Alpine Equalizer
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    This Alpine Equalizer is the perfect solution for quickly equalizing up to three placements. Based on the R&D work done by Jim Cormier at Cormier Mountaineering Trango has updated it lightened it and adapted it to work great in any setting.Use it on ice or in the alpine for a speedy anchor carry it on multi-pitch bolt routes for a quick anchor at the belays or use it as a super long runner. While ideally suited as a self-adjusting anchor system it can be made non-extending by tying an overhand knot in the center loop (shown) or by clove-hitching at each protection point. Features:Ideal for most 3-anchor set-ups112g
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