Nike Braata Shoes-womens

  • Nike Braata Shoes-womens
    Nike Braata Shoes-womens
    Footwear Department
    Life is full of surprise variables and it would be nice to have a shoe like the Nike Braata to facilitate the reactions to these variables. For example; you're on the porch sipping some coffee and enjoying the sunshine with no intention of getting up intil you see a posse of friends pull up skates in hand ready to roll. Your intent to chill no longer exists and your will to skate prevails. Seeing that you already got your Braata's on the only thing left to do is grab your skate. Kick... push... and life goes on. Features:Leather suede and textile upper with minimal overlays for lightweight comfortFull-length Phylon and cemented rubber midsole for comfort and durabilityFlexible rubber outsole for traction and durability
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