Brooks Range Sharktooth Longneck Pro

  • Brooks Range Sharktooth Longneck Pro
    Brooks Range Sharktooth Longneck Pro
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    The 32.6 oz. Brooks-Range Sharktooth Longneck Pro Shovel is the choice of professionals worldwide. Aggresive Serrated leading-edge on shovel blade make short work of the toughest stubborn ice and hard pack. Only available on Brooks-Range shovels.The heavy-duty hand D-grip can be used with mitts or gloves. The telescoping lightweight aluminum shaft gives this shovel a length of 36 inches to 45 inches great for extra leverage in snowpack. The 10.5 x 10-inch scoop made of premium tempered aluminum has convenient deadman holes for use as an emergency anchor. The shovel shafts removes for use as stretcher bars with Brooks-Range Mountaineering Rescue Sled.Features:Telescoping shaft creates increased leverageShaft converts for use as stretcher bars in Mountaineering Rescue Sled -- its telescoping shaft is slotted making the two color-coded shaft sections perfect for use as Stretcher Bars in the Emergency Mountaineering Sled. The combination of the Sled Tarp with the Sharktooth Shovel creates an ultra-lightweight Emergency Sled system of less than 2 pounds (0.907 kilograms) making the Mountaineering Rescue Sled a favorite choice in terms of safety weight and packing requirements
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