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    K2 ObSETHed Ski – 2012: Although the name might lead you to believe that the nature of this 2012 ObSETHed Ski is impaired let us reassure you that its goal and performance are clear and precise. Drummed up via Seth Morrison's brain waves this ObSETHed Ski is infatuated with backcountry powder but it will not discriminate against lines in-bounds and on piste. Designed with a Powder Rocker; an elevated tip and tail with camber under foot the ObSETHed provides you with effortless float and predictability in deep snow while still maintaining good edge hold on firmer conditions. Though odds are that you aren't as good as Seth Morrison he advocates its use across the entire mountain. Elevate your freestyle prowess! The Twin Tip Specific shape allows you to get loose and switch up your stance as you see fit while its Directional Taper keeps you focused when you're pointing it. This K2 Ski is so ObSETHed with performance that its Absorb ABS/Urethane hybrid sidewalls eat up and spit out chatter and lessen impact of big landings. From tip to tail Seth Morrison's K2 killer is a must have in your winter quiver.
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