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    Upon riding the Kung Fujas by K2 you will no doubt ask yourself: what does this ski not have? It will seem as though it exhibits every quality of the perfect ski of which you have been looking for all your life. Well the reason for this perfection personified is due to the versatility of its namesake - Pep Fujas.Go anywhere and do anything is exactly the idea that went behind the Kung Fujas creation. Features include and are not limited to TwinTech Sidewalls and a Triaxial Braided Aspen and Paulownia Core. As a result of this combination the Kung Fujas makes for a responsive and extremely controlled ride. Other notable features include a Bi-Directional Taper design where in the tip is still wider but closer in width to the tail. This allows the ski to perform exceptionally well while skiing in the forward direction; however the tapered design allows you similar switch arc for better and more consistent switch riding. Additionally the Kung Fujas features Powder-Specific Tip design which is to say the widest point of the tip is seven centimeters back from the standard contact point. As a result this design adds stability and predictability while skiing.
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