Koastal Lightning Strikes Dvd

  • Koastal Lightning Strikes Dvd
    Koastal Lightning Strikes Dvd
    Koastal Designs Video
    Synopsis: Follow Mick Fanning as he rips his way through 10 stops on the ASP Dream Tour and his first ever ASP World Title. From high-energy competition to electric freesurfing from Mick and his sparring partners Dean Morrison and Joel Parkinson the bar has been raised for cutting edge surfing. With epic flashbacks of Mick as a micro-grom his wildcard win at the Rip Curl Pro in 2001 and his career threatening injury in 2004 this is Mick Fanning...Lightning Strikes.Features:Directed and Produced by: Matt Gye and RipCurlAvailable: February 12 2008More Info: www.ripcurl.com
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