Metolius Torque Nut Tool

  • Metolius Torque Nut Tool
    Metolius Torque Nut Tool
    Climbing Shop
    Metolius Climbing manufactures rock climbing gear and was founded in 1983 by master craftsman Doug Phillips. Doug started in his Central Oregon garage making gear and selling it in the Smith Rock parking lot or down in the Dihedrals. Back then much of the gear we now take for granted wasn't available so we just made it ourselves.Features:The ultimate nut tool improved with palm protector and built-in wrenches for tightening loose boltsHardened 420 stainless steel bodyBuilt-in wire-gate carabinerUnique curved design lets you get behind the nut to hook and pullHooked Nose is perfect for cam trigger barsTapered nose allows easy access to the tiniest nutsFits all common bolt sizes64 g (2.3 oz.)
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