Wigwam Merino Wool Silk Hiker

  • Wigwam Merino Wool Silk Hiker
    Wigwam Merino Wool Silk Hiker
    Footwear Department
    Wigwam Merino Wool Silk HikerThe Wigwam F2337 Merino Wool Silk Sock is a fine grade of wool derived from merino sheep. Merino wool differs from classic wool by providing a luxurious softness and comfort due to the fine diameter of Merino fibers used. Merino wool does not itch and is shrink-treated so that it will hold its same shape and size after machine washing. The F2337 is made of 65% Merino Wool 20% Stretch Nylon 10% Silk and 5% Spandex.Features:Merino Wool; Fine Grade Of Wool Same Characteristics Of Classic Wool: Insulation Wicking Ability Quick Drying Time Resistance To Wrinkling And Incredible Durability Fine Diameter Merino Fibers Provide Luxurious Comfort And Softness No Itching And No Shrinking
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