Mammut Infinity 9.5mm Climbing Rope

  • Mammut Infinity 9.5mm Climbing Rope
    Mammut Infinity 9.5mm Climbing Rope
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    As the most iconic piece in the COATINGfinish line the Mammut 9.5 Infinity Rope has earned its place among the most hardcore climbers. Even the Mammut Proteam loves the highly balanced qualities of this piece as they use it to propel their most fierce ascents. Tested and proven time and time again by the most demanding climbers this rope is yet to let even the pickiest athletes down.Small in diameter and light in weight but outrageously durable the Infinity has seemingly limitless uses all over the mountain and crags. Climbers of all sorts praise the perfect handling for both the person clinging to the wall as well as the belayer. Guaranteeing consistently high performance over a long lifespan this super tough set of threads delivers lasting protection even when dirt and wetness are part of the equation. When quality is a necessity and your passions demand only the best tools trust the Mammut 9.5 Infinity Rope to be there to support you in all your ascents.
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