Cep Rxortho Knee Support

  • Cep Rxortho Knee Support
    Cep Rxortho Knee Support
    Footwear Department
    Cep Compression
    Sometimes our knees can use a bit of extra support. The CEP RxOrtho Knee Support used compression to help with the treatment of mild knee injuries improves blood circulation and stabilize joints and muscles. Perfect for people experiencing anything between runner's knee (chondromalacia) and torn meniscus recovers to general knee pain and swelling. The CEP RxOrtho Knee Support offers a comfortable two-way stretch support. The Knee Support's anatomically contoured low-profile design is easy to wear under clothing. Why treat knee injuries and soreness with compression? Compression helps to improve blood circulation which in turn transports much needed fresh oxygen to the injured area aiding in recovery.
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