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    Sanuk Donna-womens
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    Sanuk is the Thai word for pursuit of happiness. It is not only their name it speaks to their approach to business and life. Their logo is the little gumby-like icon that can be called Happy U. U is somebody you might know. He wasn't always happy but having escaped from the clutches of mainstream life he is free to be the irreverent symbol of Sanuk. If you look around you'll see him in fairly outragous situations whether it be on product on in Sanuk's marketing. If you look really deep you might catch some glimpse of yourself. Wonderfully comfortable ever so stylish Sanuk's Donna shoe-sandal will have your feet skippin' all day.Sanuk brings you the sidewalk surfer collection. They combine the year-round style and protection of a shoe with the comfort of a sandal.As a sandal-shoe hybrid Sidewalk Surfers allow your feet to bend and flex the way nature designed you to walk. The loose upper allows your foot to spread so it can absorb shock naturally. This strengthens the small muscles which support your arch and encourages you to walk correctly.
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