Lost Grocket 58 Surfboard

  • Lost Grocket 58 Surfboard
    Lost Grocket 58 Surfboard
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    Lost created the Grocket 5'8 so as to upgrade the look and design of its cousin the Rocket. Professionals like Ben Borgeouis Asher Nolan Andrew Doheny Cory Lopez and the Hobgood Bros consider the Grocket to be their choice for short technical performance. Features include a pulled in single wing swallow tail (for tight radius control and precision) and a touch more nose rocker with round forgiving rails. Much like the Rocket Lost has designed the Grocket 5'8 with a low entry and an exaggerated kick in the tail for agility and precision. What is more the Grocket has been designed with an extreme rail rocker that allows for greater acceleration and lift. Deep concave profiles work to cleanly channel water from the tip through the fins so as to increase speed. Additional features include a “Grocket” winged mini-swallow tail. Inspired by Aaron Cormican this tail increases control for lighter snappier surfers and also lends itself well to surfers who prefer to ride the board a bit longer. If you want the best then consider the Grocket as your go to.
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