K2 Spyne 130 Lv Ski Boots

  • K2 Spyne 130 Lv Ski Boots
    K2 Spyne 130 Lv Ski Boots
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    Designed for the serious all-mountain shredder the K2 SpYne 130 LV ski boot is a much-anticipated creation with a myriad of awesome features. It boasts a comfortable padded Mid-Grip with a PrecisionFit Intuition liner for flawless fit. The four-buckle overlap design and a 40mm PowerClinch strap provides rock-solid comfort and support. As the first expert-level ski boot that did not evolve from a race boot the SpYne 130 is a revolutionary boot that uses Energy Interlock and PowerFuse SpYne technology to ensure a trusty power transfer. This ground-breaking technology absorbs vibrations better than ever before so you can power through snow conditions ranging from hard crud to soft pow.
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