Nemo Pentalite 4 Person Tent

  • Nemo Pentalite 4 Person Tent
    Nemo Pentalite 4 Person Tent
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    The Pentalite Four Person Tent by Nemo has five sides for a roomy rectangular sleeping footprint and a convenient triangular storage vestibule. The tent is extremely versatile. You can tie the vestibule doors back to create a protective sun shade use the tent with or without a footprint for more or less protection and support the tent with a kayak paddle or trekking pole instead of the adjustable tarp pole. During inclement weather the Pentalite 4P tent can be made more protective by an optional inner Wedge tent. The side vents open outwards to increase the interior tent volume. Floor dimensions span 145 by 130 inches. The tent is 72 inches tall and the vestibule has a 20 square foot floor area to store plenty of gear wet items or cooking accessories. The tent has one door and a packed size of only 12 by 7 inches. The Pentalite 4P's trail weight is 4 pounds 15 ounces which is excellent for a four-person tent. Durable PU nylon shell fabric withstands the test of time.
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