Marmot Col Membrain Sleeping Bag

  • Marmot Col Membrain Sleeping Bag
    Marmot Col Membrain Sleeping Bag
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    Marmot's Col MemBrain Sleeping Bag is rated to -20 degrees Fahrenheit (-29 C) making it perfect for high altitude and cold weather excursions. Assembled in Santa Rosa California the bag is filled with extra warm 800+ fill goose down. Down with an 800+ rating is extremely warm while remaining very lightweight. The bag weighs just under 4 pounds and comes with a stuff sack for easy packing. It is constructed with MemBrain material which is durable breathable and waterproof. Additional features of the Col MemBrain Bag include a hidden pocket to hold essential nighttime items a down-filled draft tube to prevent air leaks at the zipper and a cozy down-filled collar. Expertly engineered baffles prevent cold spots with a vertical direction in the core and at the feet. These baffles ensure that the down does not shift when you roll over. A reinforced foot box lining protects the bag from boot liners and water bottles. The Col MemBrain has a warm 6-baffle down hood with an easy-to-access drawcord. A Face Muff without Velcro keeps the zipper and drawcord away from your face for all night comfort. For cold conditions this bag is one of the most protective and durable available.
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