Nixon Rubber 51-30 Watch

  • Nixon Rubber 51-30 Watch
    Nixon Rubber 51-30 Watch
    Nixon Watches
    The 51-30 is a classic piece. Rotating bezel 3 handed Swiss quartz movement and waterproof up to 300 meters. But what if you're not heading out on the town? What if you're going surfing climbing some rocks or something else equally awesome? If that's the case then you need rubber son! All the classic styling and features of the 51-30 now with a bombproof scratchproof rubber casing and band. Oh snap there's even a tide dial so you can take this little guy to the tide pools or hunting for mussels! Get some Chorizo up in there and not only do you have a classy timepiece you've also got a bangin' dinner. Thank you Nixon.
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