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Arcteryx Perimeter Pant

  • Arcteryx Perimeter Pant
    Arcteryx Perimeter Pant
    Mens Clothing
    Log mile after mile of intense trekking get back to camp change your socks but leave your Arc'teryx Perimeter Pants where they are because they are also perfectly suited for a bit of lounging. Designed with a mobility-centric focus these pants also include the added bonuses of comfort and durability. This means the Perimeter Pant can take on your most challenging hike and mesh well with your most comfortable folding camp chair too. Polyurethane fabrics team up with stretchy nylon to give you a massive range of motion that is only enhanced by the gusseted crotch and an articulated pattern that all adds up to unrestricted mobility. Loads of breathability comes standard with the lightweight quick-drying materials so the Perimeter Pants are ready for action anytime you are. An athletic fit eliminates any unnecessary bulk that normally gets in the way with other trekking pants but a plethora of pockets also give you the option to load up on any goods you may need out on the trail. Whether you are tackling a mean trek or simply celebrating the completion of one with some well-deserved relaxation the Arc'teryx Perimeter Pants provide all the flexible comfortable ruggedness you could possibly need.
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