Dmm Brass I.m.p.s Nut Set

  • Dmm Brass I.m.p.s Nut Set
    Dmm Brass I.m.p.s Nut Set
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    Dmm Excalibur
    DMM has nearly three decades of experience in making fine quality climbing equipment. It has taken continuous hardwork combined with investment in new technologies for DMM to achieve its position as a world leader in the design and production of climbing and mountaineering hardware. IMPs (Immaculate Marginal Protection) are 'brass' micro wires that have a regular taper. They are the ideal basis for any experienced leader's rack of micro gear. Set of 5 nuts sizes 1-5Features:Pack of 5 sizes 1-5Every unit is proof loaded to 75% of its rated strengthSize 14g4kNBlue Size 28g5kNRed Size 310g5kNSilver Size 413g7kNPurple Size 516g7kNGreen
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