Nemo Obi Elite 1 Person Tent

  • Nemo Obi Elite 1 Person Tent
    Nemo Obi Elite 1 Person Tent
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    Nemo's Obi Elite 1 Person Tent has even less weight than the original Obi with all of the functionality. It features a minimalistic design and top-of-the line lightweight and durable materials. This tent has the brand's unique Obi overhead pole configuration which has several advantages such as a generous height no need for a ridge pole and a supportive tripod-like design. The tent has a raised waterproof tub floor that provides serious waterproof protection while allowing weight-saving cutouts in the rain fly. You can also roll back the vestibule space in dry weather for a better view and increased ventilation at night. The Obi Elite 1P has floor dimensions of 87 by 39 inches. The interior height is a capacious 40 inches and the tent has one door. A packed size of only 6 by 6 inches makes packing effortless and efficient for backpacking or other excursions. Its trail weight is a minimalistic 2 pounds 7 ounces so it will not weigh you down. Durable PU ripstop nylon ensures that the Obi Elite 1P holds up to many adventures.
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