Dynafit Tlt Radical St Binding

  • Dynafit Tlt Radical St Binding
    Dynafit Tlt Radical St Binding
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    Long the purview of die-hard backcountry skiing enthusiasts ski mountaineers and randonee racers with the TLT Radical ST binding Dynafit has expanded their lineup to include a lightweight touring bindings that is more accessible to the rest of the skiing world. With redesigned heel and toe pieces the TLT Radical ST prevents frustrating Dynafiddling through the use of Dynafit's Side Towers which streamline stepping in provide additional protection and strength from side impacts. Unlike traditional Dynafits the TLT Radical ST heelpiece climbing lifts flip up instead of rotating eliminating the need to poke and twist with your pole every time the slope angle changes. Aspiring and long-term backcountry skiers alike will fall in love with the freely pivoting and efficient touring motion and at a mere 531 grams these Dynafit bindings will make you want to hang up your old bulky and clacking AT bindings. The TLT Radical ST is made from a tough 7075 forged aluminum chassis along with CroMo steel high strength plastic and stainless steel parts. For added safety the adjustable DIN runs up to 10.
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