Burton Infidel Snowboard Binding

  • Burton Infidel Snowboard Binding
    Burton Infidel Snowboard Binding
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    Throwing down all their best tricks Burton was able to create a legitimate force in the parks with the Infidel Bindings. By blending the best of the old school with the newest technologies this pair was built with absolute destruction in mind. When you lock yourself in with the Gettagrip Capstrap and Asym Superstrap you get lateral support and the ability to tweak out the nastiest grabs. Those winged hi-backs increase leverage so that you can maximize the impressiveness of all your presses and spins. The baseplate has been injected with bonus durability and the ability to take the sting out of those landings you accidentally boosted to the flat. Ascend to new levels of park performance with the Burton Infidel Bindings.
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