Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots

  • Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots
    Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots
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    The shred world has spoken and one name can be heard rising above the rest of the noise and that name is the ThirtyTwo Lashed Boots. Chosen by many and loved by all this pair of snowboard kicks has a history of quality and a talent for unleashing unparalleled performance. A medium flex gives you the ability to get twisted all over the park or lay a hard turn at high speeds on the groomers like nobody's business. Each piece of technology was installed to do one of two things; either promote the most comfortable shred experience ever crafted or boost your ability to advance your skills on the mountain. Get in on the footwear revolution known as the ThirtyTwo Lashed Boots.
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