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    Dynafit Speedskin
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    The Dynafit Speedskin ensures excellent gliding and climbing while preventing snow buildup. An expertly engineered middle membrane keeps the skin from absorbing water and creates better seals around the edges. The skin wraps tightly around the tip to keep snow and ice from getting beneath the skin. Designed with Dynafit's Stretch System it attaches securely to the ski tail.The Speedskins do not tear or wrinkle easily even on difficult terrain. They provide superior traction and long glide. A minimal weight ensures top performance and improved climbing ability. Dynafit rigorously designs and tests all of its products in collaboration with a team of professional athletes. The result is a durable high performance product with quality you can trust. All kinds of ski tourers will benefit from the Dynafit Speedskin's long-lasting seal smooth glide and durability.
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