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  • Abs Power Base Unit
    Abs Power Base Unit
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    Packed with all the life-saving performance that has made its big brother so loved the Vario Powder Base Unit is a slimmed down version that is still in the business of drastically increasing your chances of survival during an avalanche. Specifically designed to exceed the demands of freeride-focused skiers and snowboarders this system is sleek and lightweight in order to never hold you back. With the highest survival rate of any comparable system your best bet to make it out of the backcountry alive is with this pack.A height-adjustable strap fastens across your chest for the best possible fit and a soft Neoprene hip strap delivers comfort as well as support. This unit easily zips into a pair of compatible backpacks so that you have room to pack everything you will need for your adventures. The ABS cartridges are made of highly durable materials and are refillable. Creating dynamic lift to bring you to the top of avalanches via a pair of inflatable air bags the Vario Powder Base Unit is a lifesaver wrapped in a performance package.
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