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    There is no doubt that the Ramp Waterboard by Lib Technologies' is a stalwart of environmentally friendly material construction. Developed by Mike Olson and co- captained by craftsman Jeff Henderson the Ramp Waterboard breaks down every element of traditional surfboard design in order to reinvent ergonomic construction as well as implement new non-toxic materials. Generated through Isotropic conFusion the Ramp Waterboard is an amalgam of thirty-one eco friendly materials and components. From the 2D2D Volcanic Organic Basalt Honeycomb Technology which increases dampening properties while maintaining strength to the MO BOX Fin System which allows for adjustable fin placement of Lib Tech's new Maximum Intensity Leading Foil (M.I.L.F) fins. Let us not forget about the Elastomatrix Perimeter 2D2D Dampening Web. This translates to the a system of rails along the edge of the board that are wrapped in rubberized metallic fibers for a smoother ride even in choppy conditions. Couple that with Lib Tech's Powerpop Airspring Foam Core where in a lightweight foam composed of an exclusive closed cell alloy formula provides you with the elastic properties of a trampoline while containing up to 50 percent recycled material as well as ozone friendly blowing agents.
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