Black Diamond Outlaw Avalung Pack

  • Black Diamond Outlaw Avalung Pack
    Black Diamond Outlaw Avalung Pack
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    Black Diamond's Outlaw AvaLung Pack is an incredibly functional ski backpack with life saving AvaLung technology. The AvaLung is a breathing tube that pulls oxygen from the snow when buried. It also directs carbon dioxide away from the air intake. In the event of an avalanche burial it allows you to breathe under the snow and gives friends or ski patrol more time to find you. The Outlaw Pack itself has a sleek design to ensure comfortable balancing on the slopes. It also gives plenty of storage space for day trips with up to 30 liters of volume in the smaller size and 32 liters in the larger size. Black Diamond's ergoACTIV suspension system moves with the wearer no matter what its carrying. Skis can strap onto the pack for hiking. It has a convenient tool organizer for easy access to emergency rescue tools. A zippered backpannel also ensures easy access to food or extra layers. The Outlaw is made from durable Ballistic and Velocity nylon so it can take a beating year after year. It weighs an average of 4 pounds 4 ounces.
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