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  • Nixon Ride Watch
    Nixon Ride Watch
    Nixon Watches
    The Nixon Ride utilizes an impeccable sense of style and functionality that undoubtedly sets it apart from whatever you might come across on the open road. With that the Nixon Ride wristwatch makes precise use of its six hand Japanese quartz chronograph movement that keeps all the little things in check by the use of its additional eye sundials date and time gauges. Moreover the Nixon Ride is secured with a 23mm wide Horween leather band backed by a stitched edge and custom molded stainless steel buckle. Moreover the Nixon Ride is finished with a 49mm wide custom coated stainless steel casing made complete with hardened mineral crystal. With its unique design and exceptional function the Nixon Ride wristwatch exists as one of the many phenomena one might keep an eye out for on the road. Regardless of whether on not you are on or off the grid the Nixon Ride wristwatch is sure to surpass expectations if not delightfully surprise in the process of your many ventures. In any case the Nixon Ride makes the world's largest ball or yarn seem like a time-capsule from a primitive civilization in comparison.
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